• China voltage information
  • Phone card processing
  • Network issue
China voltage information

China voltage is 220V (single voltage), the frequency is 50HZ, the plug type is A/C/I, and the plug standard is the national standard. Please prepare the converter/transformer in advance to avoid power problems

Phone card processing

Phone card processing could be done through the offline business hall (China Mobile/China Unicom/China Telecom Business Hall) and online(Nihao Mobile)

Offline business hall processing process:

  1. Search for nearby business halls that accept foreign passports on your mobile phone.

  2. Prepare your passport valid for more than 6 months.

  3. Go to the business hall in the number machine to pick up the booking number, waitingin line. Need to personally go to handle, not agent.

  4. Call your number and take your pas

    sport to the window.

Online processing process:

  1. Search the Nihao Mobile website to choose the right SIM card for you

  2. Fill in the receiving information and complete the payment

  3. After receiving the SIM card, activate it with your passport

Network issue

The hotel provides wired /WIFI, but no vpn. Please prepare your own vpn in advance.