• Atomization/Atomizers-Experimental
• Materials Processing and Manufacturing
• Liquid Drops, Interfaces, and Spray Impingements
• Atmospheric, Agricultural, and Medical sprays
• Nozzle Flows / Internal Flows
• Phase-Changing Sprays and Gaseous Jets
• Fuel Sprays and Combustion
• Diagnostic Techniques
• Materials Processing and Manufacturing
• Numerical Methods I - Sprays and Atomizers
• Numerical Methods II – Liquid Interface / Drop Physics
• Mathematical Modeling of Sprays, Drops, and Interfaces
• Artificial Intelligence in Spray Applications
• Fuel Sprays and Combustion
• Miscellaneous

Important Dates

Abstract Deadline:       December 31, 2023   January 15, 2024
Full Paper Deadline:    March 1, 2024    March 15, 2024


Currently, we are also accepting work-in-progress poster submissions to the conference. To submit your work-in-progress poster (WIPP) entries, please submit your abstracts in the submission portal. During the formal paper submission phase, please submit the PDF file attached at the bottom of this page to let us know that your paper will be considered as WIPP. This method is also applicable to authors who previously considered submitting a full paper, and were willing to switch to poster submissions.WIPP Statement Download